May 27th, 2016

Myth takes – “Private bin collections would be cheaper”


by Peter Jones


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that, as councils adopt two, three or even perhaps four weekly residual waste collections, some disgruntled folk start wondering whether they might be able to buy in more frequent collections privately. However, anyone who thinks that “going private” would be cheap, or might be covered by a rebate from Council Tax for those who opted out would be in for a big surprise.

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May 20th, 2016

Par for the course: Trump on the environment


by Peter Jones


The transformation of Donald Trump from no-hoper to undisputed winner in the race for the Republican US presidential nomination has been as swift as it has been extraordinary. Despite the clear opposition of the power brokers of the Republican Party itself – who were even prepared to unite behind “Washington’s most hated man”, Ted Cruz, in a last-ditch effort to stop him – Trump has prevailed.

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May 13th, 2016

United in life and death: Maurice Strong and Mostafa Tolba


by Steve Watson


Within the past six months, the environmental community – and for that matter the planet – has lost two of its most influential champions. Maurice Strong, who passed away in November 2015, and Mostafa Tolba, who died this March, were both active on the world stage in the earliest days of the environmental movement as key figures in the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

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May 6th, 2016

Myth-takes – “You can sort it all with machines”


by Luke Dale-Harris and Peter Jones


Not long ago, The Spectator gave over a page to decry the plight of poor Mrs Ware, the “frail, elderly mother” of the article’s author, Michael. Mrs Ware, he wrote:

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April 29th, 2016

Going down the tubes: can automated waste collection work?


by Hulda Espolin Norstein


What’s the most common and convenient way to receive your utilities? When it comes to gas, electricity, water, sewerage, internet connections and even television, the answer is obvious – underground pipes and cables. That’s led some to wonder why our waste is still stored and transported over ground. Surely someone could come up with a system in which waste is managed out of sight, doing away with all those polluting trucks and the problems of missing your collection.

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April 22nd, 2016

Putting the ‘Right Waste’ in the ‘Right Place’


by Sam Corp


It is unfortunate and disappointing that, according to statistics collected by Suez, 56% of SME waste producers are not currently complying with their waste Duty of Care. Causes of non compliance range from not giving consideration to the waste hierarchy or separate collection requirements under the Waste Regulations, to storing waste materials incorrectly, to mixing hazardous and or hygiene wastes in with general waste.

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April 15th, 2016

Is there a clear vision for environmentally responsible eyewear?

Der Brillenmacher

by Amy Slack


A time comes in a lot of people’s lives when things start to become a bit blurry. Realising it’s not simply the side effect of a heavy night out, you take the dreaded trip to the opticians and discover that you no longer have perfect eye-sight and would benefit from corrective eyewear. Since that moment in my early 20s, my eyesight has very slowly been getting worse, my prescription changing slightly about every two years. I recently had my annual eye test and, predictably, was told that my prescription had once again changed: I now have astigmatism – great!

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