March 3rd, 2017

Can renewable energy survive a subsidy-free future?

by Laura Williams


The sun is setting on the Renewables Obligation (RO). The subsidy scheme, which has carried the renewable energy industry through its formative years, is due to close on the 31st March 2017. As discussed previously on Isonomia, much of the progress made against renewables targets – 23% of the UK’s electricity demand is currently met by renewables – has been the result of the scheme. So now, many are asking how the industry is going to successfully transition into the unknown territory of an almost subsidy-free environment.

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December 23rd, 2015

Noel-ectricity wasted: energy saving at Christmas

by Rob Reid and Laura Williams


As Christmas comes around, you don’t have to be an eco-Grinch to sometimes stop and wonder at the way we go about our celebrations. For those of us involved in the energy sector, it’s almost inescapable. For example, everyone loves to see a sparkling Christmas tree decked with twinkling lights, while decorations in the town centre can really help put you in the festive spirit – but in many streets, the wattage of lights adorning the houses seems to be on a scale suited to ensuring the safe landing of a jumbo jet, never mind Santa’s sleigh.

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