April 15th, 2016

Is there a clear vision for environmentally responsible eyewear?

by Amy Slack


A time comes in a lot of people’s lives when things start to become a bit blurry. Realising it’s not simply the side effect of a heavy night out, you take the dreaded trip to the opticians and discover that you no longer have perfect eye-sight and would benefit from corrective eyewear. Since that moment in my early 20s, my eyesight has very slowly been getting worse, my prescription changing slightly about every two years. I recently had my annual eye test and, predictably, was told that my prescription had once again changed: I now have astigmatism – great!

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October 2nd, 2012

Bin Girl in or contract out?

Bins being off loaded

by Amy Slack


If you become known as ‘Bin Girl’, then generally there’s a very good reason for it. In my case I’m glad to say it wasn’t due to spending a lot of time rummaging through people’s rubbish. It might seem an unfortunate label, but after six months managing the distribution of new recycling and food waste containers to 51,000 households across a Surrey District Authority, I became rather attached to it!

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