April 13th, 2018

China crisis: what import restrictions mean for Europe

by Ad Lansink   Over recent years, the Chinese government became increasingly aware that solid waste being imported into China for recycling also contained large amounts of dirty and hazardous wastes. To ensure the health of its citizens and protect China against serious environmental pollution, in 2013 it launched ‘Operation Green Fence’, which stepped up […]

August 18th, 2017

Shifting ideas: logistics and the circular economy

by Ad Lansink   Creating a circular economy, around which materials and products flow smoothly throughout their lifecycles, will require innovations in the field of logistics. There are two aspects to this: firstly, we will need adequate supply chain management – but this is also true of linear economies. Secondly, and more pertinently, we will […]

January 27th, 2017

The long and branching road to the circular economy

by Ad Lansink   The path from a linear to a circular economy will not be an easy one. There are many barriers which may hinder or delay the transition process, and many policy choices to make – each of which represents a branch along this path. However, these potential problems can be overcome – […]

June 10th, 2016

Resource plumbing: plugging the leaks in the circular economy

by Ad Lansink   Zero waste, Cradle to Cradle design and the Circular Economy are all great concepts, presenting attractive targets to work towards. However, their ultimate feasibility is another matter. As we use and recycle products, won’t there always be some loss of material? Across different technological and biological chains, time and time again […]

December 18th, 2015

Major third: a circular economy needs a new transition

by Ad Lansink   The proposals of the EU circular economy package (CEP) reveal that the waste hierarchy will retain a central place in the transition to a circular economy. The European Commission (EC) writes: “Waste management plays a central role in the circular economy: it determines how the EU waste hierarchy is put into […]

August 14th, 2015

Incongruent triangles: do we need a new resource hierarchy?

by Ad Lansink   While the production and distribution of consumer goods takes place within a global market, EU member states nevertheless play a major role in defining waste and resource management. Therefore, developing integral, realistic policy remains an essential task, especially for the European Commission and the European Parliament. Against this background, Dr. Stuart […]

April 10th, 2015

Transitioning to a circular economy

by Ad Lansink   For a society accustomed to the achievements of a linear economy, the transition to a circular system is a hard task even to contemplate. Although the changes needed may seem daunting, it is important to remember that we have already come a long way. However, the history of the waste hierarchy […]