November 19th, 2013

Print preview: what does 3D printing mean for waste?


by Sam Taylor


As a keen observer of the latest high tech trends and fads, the rapid deployment of additive manufacturing, or 3D printing as it is more commonly known, is one of the most exciting developments since the appearance of the smart phone. This is technology with some serious potential to change how and where goods are manufactured, transforming supply chains. The New Scientist has gone so far as to herald the technology as ushering in a second industrial revolution. But is anyone thinking about how what this new development means for the waste sector?

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February 13th, 2012

Would you credit it?

Eunomia staff 2011

by Sam Taylor


One of the less obvious impacts associated with the economic troubles in Europe has been a collapse in the price of carbon allowances under the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS).

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November 21st, 2011

No more hot air; just more wind and gas

CO2 Emissions from the Fossil Fuel Power Sector (2010-2035)

by Adam Baddeley, Sam Taylor and Chris Cullen


Secure, clean and affordable – it is hard to argue with the policy objectives for UK electricity supply in July’s White Paper on Electricity Market Reform (EMR). But much remains to be debated – first and foremost whether any achievable mix of generation can meet all three objectives.

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