August 18th, 2011

Could you last a month between collections?

Joe Papineschi Director

by Joe Papineschi


Any optimist looking for radical, trailblazing solutions to waste issues would have been disappointed by UK Government’s Waste Review in June. In fact, they should have been looking to the devolved administrations, which are turning themselves into real leaders. If achieved, the targets they are setting put them top of the European recycling league table – and will require a transformation of household and business waste services.

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August 18th, 2011

Waste not, burn not

Dom 220

by Dominic Hogg


The National Policy Statement for Renewable Energy Infrastructure states that “The recovery of energy from the combustion of waste, where in accordance with the waste hierarchy, will play an increasingly important role in meeting the UK’s energy needs. Where the waste burned is deemed renewable, this can also contribute to meeting the UK’s renewable energy targets.” (p10)

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August 18th, 2011

Lifecycle analysis needs solid foundations

Eunomia staff 2011


I’ve been struck recently by the way that many lifecycle analyses on products aren’t quite cutting the mustard.

Take, for example, the idea that each item of clothing reused means that primary production of an item has been avoided – something I’ve often seen assumed. But to claim a 1:1 relationship here is unwarranted by evidence, and intuitively it seems to be questionable economics and dodgy at the level of social psychology.

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