September 7th, 2011

Where are all the AD facilities?

Eunomia staff 2011

by Adam Baddeley


The question everyone is asking around anaerobic digestion (AD) is why, with positive incentives (ROCs, FITs, RHI etc), and with the political parties seemingly aligned in their support of the technology, is the pace of development not more rapid?

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September 2nd, 2011

Weekly collecting – my thoughts

Joe Papineschi Director

by Joe Papineschi


The Government’s Waste Review in June was greeted by the waste industry in terms that ranged from disappointment to derision. However, my inner reaction (and I suspect that I wasn’t alone in this) was primarily one of relief – whilst it clearly could have been better, it could have been an awful lot worse. I’ve been reflecting on where the Review leaves the strategic picture on waste collection.

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