May 31st, 2012

Is waste prevention bad for the economy?

by Thomas Vergunst


The G8 leaders’ announcement of a renewed emphasis on promoting economic growth may have been widely welcomed – but for those of us keen to see an economy that better reflects the waste hierarchy it raises an interesting question. Does better waste management tend to promote or reduce growth and employment?

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May 24th, 2012

Worth the weight?

Peter Jones

by Peter Jones


There is a fundamental misalignment at the heart of how commercial waste is managed in the UK. It distorts the market, reduces price transparency and acts as a deterrent to waste prevention and recycling, yet there seems to be little appetite to change it. It seems incomprehensible – but let’s try to understand the reasons and whether a different paradigm may emerge.

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May 17th, 2012

It will all come out in the wash


by Phillip Ward


In the early 1990s a successful campaign against damaging detergents gave new vitality to the idea that consumer power could force companies into better environmental behaviours.  Businesses responded in two main ways, one more helpful than the other.

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May 10th, 2012

Fed up with the food waste scandal

by Tristram Stuart


On Saturday 12th May, Bristol will be the first city outside London to host a Feeding the 5000 (F5K) event. Between 1pm and 5pm, anyone who comes to visit College Green will have the chance to disprove the old adage – there really can be such a thing as a free lunch, thanks to the support of local charities, businesses and volunteers, including some of Bristol’s top chefs such as the Fabulous Baker Brothers, Tom Hunt and the Thali Café.

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May 9th, 2012

May we have your attention?

by the Administrator


The Admin desk has been deluged in April – not least by the incessant rain that has been with us in Bristol since drought was declared earlier in the month. With work for clients taking precedence over blogging for many of our contributors, we’ve had quite a quiet month on the Isonomia front, but articles new and old have continued to draw in plenty of visitors and there will be more new material in May to grab the interest of the internet.

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May 4th, 2012

Big Society? Don’t bank on it

by Emma Gowing


I saw Sir Ronald Cohen on Channel 4 news a couple of weeks ago talking about the launch of Big Society Capital (BSC), of which he is the chairman. There was something about the interview that didn’t ring quite true. Not that Cohen said anything especially controversial or problematic – it was the concept of the fund that just seemed like a mistake to me.

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