July 2nd, 2012

Summer blogging, had us a blast

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by the Administrator


June may not have blazed in many respects, but for Isonomia it was just fine, with another new author contributing to the site and each of our new articles being well thumbed. Blog-wise, we’re set fair for July – and if the rain does keep lashing down, at least this helps to keep our authors indoors writing good material.

We’d like to take the opportunity to welcome all our new e-mail and RSS subscribers – we hope you continue to enjoy our output, hope you’ll feed back your views through your comments, and perhaps even get involved as authors.

Our top author for the month was also our newest, as Mike Brown’s reflections on the great trommel fines debate attracted masses of readers, not least due to it being picked up by LetsRecycle as a special report. James Fulford followed close behind with his discussion of the surprising ways in which the planning system risks inhibiting investment in waste infrastructure.

For our authors, the big news is that we have a change at the top of our “most read” leader board. Peter Jones has overhauled our long-time leader, Phillip Ward, with two well-read articles in the month – including commentary on Vivienne Westwood’s commitment to sustainability. There’s not a lot in it, and with Phillip’s fabulously prolific writing there’s every chance that there will be another change in July. His contribution last month on the Rio conference helped to lure in a few readers from Brazil.

The Admin desk has received a long awaited draft from Joe Papineschi for an article to appear in July and has a number of other irons in the fire, including a photo piece about waste management practices from Martin Steiner – but there’s always room for more contributions. If you’d like to offer an informed but accessible viewpoint on any issue in the environment sector – whether it’s waste or water, enforcement or emissions – whatever’s on your mind, get in touch. We’d be glad to hear from you. Our goal is to create a space where thoughts on topics from across the environment sector can be expressed and explored, enabling communication and cross fertilisation of ideas – and you’re very welcome to join in.

Enjoy the site, tell us what you think, tell your friends and keep coming back for more.


The Admin


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