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Isonomia means ‘uniformity of rights’, or ‘the equality of all before the law’. For us, that’s important: this blog aims to promote informed discussion of a diversity of views on waste and environment issues, regardless of who they are from. It provides a space for contributors from many sources to put forward interesting, independent ideas with the aim of influencing the debate in this broad and fast moving field. Our contributors include acknowledged environment experts and people with many years’ experience in the sector, but we also welcome new voices. All are treated equally as the originators of ideas that deserve to be heard.

We do try to ensure that all articles meet a quality threshold: they must be articulate, informed, brief, accessible and potentially of interest to people working in the environment and waste sector – but ideally also to the interested general reader. Aside from these criteria, we do not seek to impose an editorial line and are open to hosting a wide range of opinions, both in our articles and in the comments that they attract.

We seek to foster relationships with other environmentally focused websites with which we can share articles, to enable the material we each produce to reach a wider audience.

Comments can be left by any registered user of the site, but are moderated by the editorial team before they can be seen by other readers. We aim to moderate comments as quickly as possible, and will never delete a comment simply because the editors disagree with it. However, we will reject or edit comments whose tone we judge not to be consistent with the spirit of open discussion we seek to foster. Foul, abusive or insulting language and personal attacks will not be permitted. Spam comments will be deleted. We may also occasionally edit comments to amend typographical errors.

Relationship with Eunomia

Isonomia is not a ’Eunomia blog‘. Staff from Eunomia Research & Consulting do frequently contribute material to Isonomia, but do so alongside many other authors. Any reader who feels they can produce an article that meets our quality threshold is welcome to submit an outline or a draft, and we will always aim to respond.

Although edited by Eunomia staff, Isonomia has a considerable level of editorial independence to allow it to be responsive. Opinions expressed are not, therefore, intended to represent the collective views of Eunomia’s directors or a corporate ‘Eunomia view’ (indeed, such a thing cannot really be said to exist).

Who’s responsible?

Peter Jones is the Blog Editor and has lead responsibility for commissioning and editing articles.

11th August 2023

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